6 things to consider when buying a perfect pair of riding boots

Faced with so many different styles, widths and heights, it can be extremely confusing for riders to accurately measure up and purchase a good quality pair of properly fitted riding boots.  Whether you’re a professional rider, novice, or up and coming talent, your boots will keep you safe and comfortable when you ride.

Getting the right fit is important

Understanding the importance of getting properly fitted riding boots will help you to make a wise purchasing decision.  Boots that don’t fit well can pinch around your ankle and prevent it from flexing and bending – this is necessary to maintain the correct riding position.

Joanne Whitaker asked her Facebook followers what was important to them about buying tall riding boots.
Joanne Whitaker of John Whitaker International recently asked their Brogini Facebook followers to share their experiences of buying tall riding boots.
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Comfort was the main factor when making a purchase, but, most interestingly, over half of those responding had real problems trying to get a pair of properly fitted riding boots.

Here are some top tips to consider.

  1. Take accurate measurements

  2. It’s important that you take your measurements whilst wearing clothing that resembles the thickness and type of riding jodhpurs/breeches that you generally use. At the very least, wear tight fitting trousers. This will ensure that your measurements are not distorted.

  3. Get someone else to help measure you

  4. Try and get someone else to take your measurements (or at least check them) as doing it yourself can be awkward and difficult.  Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, with your feet firmly on the ground. You should not wear shoes and slightly bend your legs.

  5. Measure the widest part of your calf

  6. To get the correct width, measure 1 cm above and 1 cm below the widest part of your calf, on both legs.  This will ensure you get the widest and most accurate measurement.

  7. Order your boots using your widest leg measurement

  8. Don’t be alarmed if you have one leg wider than the other as this is extremely common.

  9. For the height, measure from your heel to the crease at the back of your knee

  10. Order the exact measurement in cm, If you fall between sizes, always opt for the taller size, as the boots will drop by approx. 1-2 cm when you start riding in them.

  11. Boots should be a snug fit

  12. When your boots arrive, they should be a snug fit. When you zip them up, you should feel comfortable pressure – you don’t want them to be loose, as they need to protect your legs and ankles when you’re in the saddle.  They should zip up to the bend in the back of your knee.

Click on the below film and watch Joanne Whitaker giving advice on fitting your riding boots


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