Everything you need to know about horse rugs

Don’t be tempted to put any old blanket or rug onto your horse’s back as they are not fit for purpose. Coming in many different sizes, weights and dimensions, for different uses, horse blankets (or rugs) can be quite confusing.  It perhaps begs the question – what does my horse really need?

The winter is a time to reach for your horse rug

Whilst the temperature will define when you need to start using your horse rug, it’s typical to start protecting your horse from the cold, from early fall, into winter.  Many say that, if it’s 40 degrees or lower throughout the day (outside), you should blanket your horse.

It’s not just the cold!

But it’s not just the cold weather when your horse will need a rug.  Bear in mind too that if they are ill, or have only been ridden indoors, or have been taken from a warm climate into a cold one, they will also need to be protected by their rug.

There are many different types to choose from so take some time to learn about them, so you don’t waste your money.
Once you understand the need to use a horse rug, take some time to learn about the most popular types, so you can home in on which ones are right for your horse.
horse rug

Here’s our take on it:

Turnout blankets

These are desiged to both protect and keep your horse warm from the wet and cold.  They are particularly durable and can be used for a wide-range of purposes. Most are made of nylon, or a combination of different fabrics, and in different weights.  This allows you to control the level of warmth delivered.

Be sure to pick the right gram count for your horse as you don’t want to go too light or too heavy.

Stable blankets

These are mainly used while your horse is stabled or being transported about.  They are not waterproof and often made of thick, quilted material.  Some are water resistant, but many won’t withstand the rain, so be careful what you pick.

Just like the turnout blankets, they come in different weights.  It will keep your horse warm and dry when he is in his trailer or stall, but not much more than that.  Many regard it as a less flexible option, preferring turnovers.

You can also buy other types of protection for your horse including rain sheets, anti-sweat blankets, coolers, dress blankets, etc.  These are all designed to keep your horse happy and healthy!  You can also get combination rugs that can be used for multiple purposes. 

If you’re not sure which weight to go for, ask your equine supplier which rug they recommend.

The Menston 200g Checked Turnout Rug is a stylish, durable rug. It has a 200g soft polyester fill to protect your horse from the elements. With 2 x front trigger clip fastenings, waterproof tail guard, fleece wither protection, rubber badge on hindquarters, crossed belly surcingles, silver tone hardware. horse rug The Menston Turnout Rug by Whitaker is a stylish way to protect your horse against the elements. John Whitaker and the Whitaker family are well known in the equine industry, particularly within the show jumping circuit.  The exclusive Whitaker brand of equestrian clothing and products, including Brogini riding boots, are available through John Whitaker International (JWI).  Combining superior quality with exceptional performance,  the Whitaker brand has earned the respect of both amateur and professional riders across the globe.

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