Saddlery and leatherworks for your horse: what to look for

Leather is the main (and preferred) material from which saddles are made. What you need to note, however, is that not all leather is of the same quality.  When looking at saddles, always seek good quality leather and pay attention to the finishing, the stitching and fittings.

Whilst this might be a little more expensive, it will last if you take good care of it so it’s a sound investment for you and your horse.

Make sure you fit your saddle properly

A saddle that doesn’t fit your horse very well can lead to all sorts of health and safety issues, so take some time learning how to fit it – it will also make sure you feel comfortable when you’re riding and will not throw you out of position.

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Free Saddle Fitting Guide from Whitaker

Leather is a good all round material


Leather has long been the preferred option for riding saddlery and tack.  It generally absorbs heat and sweat, and can provide a greater degree of comfort for both horse and rider.  It’s also built to last a lifetime and moulds well to horse and rider, particularly when used on wool flocking.

You need to be clear that leather tack will require a higher degree of maintenance and care – but it’s worth it!

Regular cleaning and oiling will be required for both your tack and saddle.  We recommend that this is part of your daily routine.  Also ensure that you keep your equipment in a dry, dust-free environment, where it won’t deteriorate.  There are a host of quality cleaners, oils and soaps that are all designed to protect, clean and preserve your leatherworks.

Many riders prefer the Argento Saddle, by John Whitaker. This is a good option for show jumpers.  This features a forward cut design, large calfskin covered front, and back blocks - ensuring maximum stability when in the saddle.  Specific features include: full grain calfskin leather seat and panels, large shaped calfskin knee roll, personalised cantle plate, shock absorbing latex under panel, high tree points and either an adjustable nylon elastic tree.

The Argento Saddle, by John Whitaker, is preferred by many top riders.  It ensures maximum stability in the saddle.

horse jump
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