Top tips for caring for your tack

If you don’t take care of your riding tack, it won’t take care of you and it certainly won’t last.  The combined cost is considerable, so it makes sense to take care of it, and do the routine maintenance and cleaning that it deserves.  This is part and parcel of your riding experience and will ensure you get the most out of it.

Pay attention to leatherwork

You need to find time to treat all of your leatherwork, ie saddle, bridle, etc.  Some find that the winter is a good time for this.  If leatherwork is regularly treated and maintained it will last, but left, will become brittle, crack and deteriorate.

Mould can penetrate and destroy your tack - beware!

Mould can burrow itself into your leather and destroy fibres very quickly, so it’s important that you not only clean your tack, but keep it exceptionally dry at all times.  There are various products that will remove mould, but preventative measures are also recommended.


Watch out for temperature variations

Fluctuating temperatures can cause your leather to dry out and crack.

Our advice is to start washing your leatherwork with soap cleaner, to remove dirt and grime, before you use you use a conditioner to nourish and protect it.

Check for damage when you are cleaning, as this might not be immediately obvious to you. Some things might require a specialist repair.

Your metalwork is important

Whilst leatherwork is a key consideration when it comes to tack and cleaning, don’t neglect your metalwork.  Invest in a good quality metal polish to clean up any buckles and rings on your bridle so that everything looks amazing.

Saddle Fitting Guide

Don’t be tempted to leave your cleaning – seize the moment

It’s very tempting after a ride to leave your tack unclean, particularly if you’re feeling wet and cold.

We recommend that you remove any mud, dirt or sweat immediately so that it doesn’t set in. Start with a thorough water clean (with soap) and then treat accordingly, ensuring everything is dry (and away from direct heat).

Our advice would also be to keep your saddle on a saddle rack, off the ground, preferably covered with a saddle protector or cover.  This will ensure it keeps its shape, does not get dusty and keeps nice and dry.

A saddle rack is a good option – it will keep it dry and free from dust and mould when the bad weather sets in.

Invest in good quality products

The Whitaker ‘Ready to Ride’ collection is an evolution in low-maintenance, easy to clear bridles and leatherwork.  The rich leather has been tanned an pre-treated using a special unemulsified oil which penetrates deep into the leather - meaning this leatherwork oils itself!  Because the oil is so deeply saturated and supple, the Ready to Ride leatherwork is exceptionally resistant to cracks and blemishes, keeping the leather looking in tip top condition for much longer, as well as making it super easy to clear!

Looking for a more traditional tack solution – try seeing cleaning it as part of your sport, and invest in good quality products to clean and protect all of your kit. 
By adopting a simple, but regular cleaning regime, you can be sure that your riding gear will last, protect you and your horse and, of course, look great! 

Valencia bridle ft. chelsea looking beautiful

Many riders prefer the BR053 Valencia Bridle by Whitaker. This is a flash bridle, crafted from high quality leather that is easy to clean and maintain.  It’s padded for comfort and finished with contrast pattern stitching along browband and noseband areas.

John Whitaker and the Whitaker family are well known in the equine industry, particularly within the show jumping circuit.  The exclusive Whitaker brand of equestrian clothing and products, including Brogini riding boots, are available through John Whitaker International (JWI).  Combining superior quality with exceptional performance,  the Whitaker brand has earned the respect of both amateur and professional riders across the globe.

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